Monday, September 14, 2015

Some Time with Aristotle and the Gang

I was recently given the Signet Classics edition of The Philosophy of Aristotle containing selections of his work. It is a paperback and well-suited for trips.

You can't go wrong when traveling with that old boy.

Anyway, the gift shot me back to my sophomore year in college when I took the required class in Humanities. Since my first day in college, I'd heard about the terrors of the Humanities class. Beware, the barbarians said, of its huge reading assignments, its broad scope from art to architecture and on through - shudder - philosophy and the classics of literature. "You'll rue the day."

It was one of the finest courses I've ever taken. Although I don't recall as much of the material on architecture as I should, the philosophers made a lasting mark.

As I grow older, I return to them more and more. It is always time well spent.

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