Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fast Ethics

I'm teaching Ethical Decision Making today. The class mainly addresses how to decide the Right versus Right decisions since the Right versus Wrong ones are rather easy. [Hint: Choose Right.]

The problem with most ethical decision making procedures is they require time and you don't always have time. The world doesn't freeze in place so you can climb to the mountain top and ponder the correct course of action.

That's why I'm adding an element on ethical instincts - default tendencies that will kick in without thinking - choices that resemble the quarterback's decision to pass or to run or the lawyer's decision not to pursue a certain line of questioning.

I'll be discussing the process with the class. I'm 98 percent of the way to declaring Wade's Law. Give me another month and I'll be there.


Daniel Richwine said...

I've always thought that fast instincts are best developed through pondering them deeply for a long time.

Michael Wade said...


Pondering and practice usually do the trick if they are combined with serious critiques. It can be easy to think that a solid plan is in place and then get surprised. The planning should answer this question: if you are going to err, on which side should you err?

The answer should be a main guideline.


Daniel Richwine said...

Thank you, that is very helpful advice.