Monday, February 15, 2016

Presidents Day

The first serving president that I personally experienced was Dwight Eisenhower. Since then, I've seen presidents who varied enormously in their handling of the job. Some were tragic figures. Others were precisely the right person at the right time. One was mediocre and one could generously be described as incompetent. I don't permit my personal political beliefs to influence those opinions. I've grudgingly admired presidents whose policies I've opposed while cringing at some whose policies I supported.

Through it all, however, is the realization that we are dealing with human beings, flawed individuals who will make mistakes. Perfection is too much to ask but temperament is very important. Thin-skinned presidents who tend to demonize their opponents do not fare well. Presidents who lack the necessary temperament should not be excused. Lowering the bar does neither them nor the nation any good.

We want our presidents to have the ability to inspire and earn our trust. They may be as human as the rest of us but, let's be frank, we want them to be better,

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