Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ads That Repel

We know about commercials and ads that don't attract customers but what is shocking is how many businesses pay for advertising that actually repels potential buyers.

Do law firms realize that the "actual client" testimonials in their television ads are made by people who look guilty as hell? [But perhaps that is the client base they hope to attract. "Hey, if those fast talkers can get that clown off, they should be able to get my drunk driving charges bounced."]

Do the car dealers who feature their most stereotypic sales men (for some reason, they're always men) ever consider that Mr. High Pressure shouting their bargains might not present the best image? And having some speed reader rapidly recite the reservations, caveats, and disclaimers only adds to the impression that you're going to be taken?

Do political campaign managers know that placing a smarmy candidate in a commercial with a phony script and a doting wife only increases the sleazoid sensation? [I often suspect many of the campaign managers subconsciously do so to save the nation from such creeps.]

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