Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ten PowerPoint Presentation Mistakes

  1. Too much information on the slides. [Never reproduce a page or paragraph.]
  2. Too many slides. [General rule: Never have more than eight.]
  3. Too many bullet points per slide. [No more than three.]
  4. Font too small to be easily read. [Should be at least 24 point.]
  5. Font color and background color make the slide impossible to read from the back of the room. [Hey! We're getting old!]
  6. Far too many background colors are used. [Stick to two or three for the background.]
  7. Inconsistent font styles. [Very tacky.]
  8. Font styles don't match tone of presentation; e.g., cheery font, somber topic.
  9. So many special effects that the message is missed. [Let your message provide the fireworks.]
  10. Overall effect is too formal for small audiences. [If the group is small, drop the PowerPoint and use a conversational tone.]

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