Saturday, October 28, 2006

Boxers or Briefs?

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — A Canadian city under pressure for alleged sexual harassment within its fire department has ordered firefighters to wear only boxer-style underwear.

Richmond, British Columbia, will spend $14,200 to buy six pairs of underwear for each firefighter in a bid to make firehalls in the suburb of Vancouver more gender neutral, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

the rest here.

I have a feeling that changing the style of underwear may miss the main issue. It is similar to the old story about the wealthy man who came home one evening and discovered the maid and the butler making love on the sofa. The man was very upset. A week later, he came home unexpectedly and discovered his wife and his best friend making love on the sofa. He then decided to take action. He got rid of the sofa.

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