Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ego-Free Leadership

Slow Leadership looks at ego-free leadership. An excerpt:

Here are the business qualities and behaviors Ms. Debnam gives as examples of ego-free leadership:

1. Put the business agenda ahead of your own agenda
2. Recruit the best person for the role – not just personal supporters
3. Discourage empires and cliques
4. Encourage people to challenge the status quo and question existing methods and strategies
5. Encourage leadership to flourish at all levels of the organisation
6. Respond to change initiatives according to business need vs personal need
7. Leave a legacy of ongoing excellence

This sounds very like Slow Leadership to me. All I would want to add is something like this:

8. Encourage good work and discourage cutting corners, even if it takes longer
9. Delegate everything you can (and then some)
10. Never trade off thinking time for mere busyness
11. Remember success is about creating long-term value, not snatching short-term profits
12. Enjoy life, it's the only one you have

[Execupundit note: I recall a person (but not his name!) who described his ego as curtains that kept the light from coming in. When he moved aside his ego, a new world was open to him.]

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