Monday, October 30, 2006


The executive had heard Randall, one of her peers, make some inappropriate comments of a sexual nature.

"It wasn't anything approaching a proposition," she told the Human Resources specialist. "I'd say it was more of a tasteless remark but I think someone should let him know that comments like that just aren't professional."

The HR specialist replied, "Well, I agree that it is pretty mild but it could fall under our anti-harassment policy. We'll launch an investigation."

"I don't want an investigation," the executive replied, "and I don't want Randall to get into trouble. If you drag me into an investigation, I'll resign."

"I'll check with my boss," the HR specialist muttered.

Upon getting the news, the HR director contacted the company's attorney who, thinking of cases in which employers failed to have a prompt investigation, advised, "Too bad about the executive's feelings. Go ahead and investigate it."

The HR director said to the HR specialist, "We have no choice. Investigate it."

The HR specialist launched the investigation and scheduled interviews with several of Randall's co-workers..

Two days later, the executive who'd surfaced the problem resigned.

The HR director and the attorney discussed the matter and agreed that they'd had no choice.

Were they correct?

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