Tuesday, June 19, 2007

10 Acts of Hidden Aggression

  1. Freezing the hiring of needed staff.
  2. Not permitting the firing of incompetents.
  3. Forcing the work unit to provide staff support to an ever-increasing group of committees.
  4. Not financing attendance at professional conferences.
  5. Reorganizing the work unit every six to seven months.
  6. Holding the managers responsible for decisions outside of their control.
  7. Permitting all work units except the targeted one to flaunt various rules.
  8. Failing to support the work unit in the wake of meritless attacks from community groups.
  9. Bringing in executives who have no experience in the work unit's specialty to run the work unit.
  10. Not creating a career path so the work unit consequently becomes a dead-end.

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