Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Does HR Add Value?

Evil HR Lady has some thoughts on the question of whether HR adds value.


pawnking said...

A good and value adding pointer, as always Michael. I think HR can be more proactive about learning the entire business, not just their own part of it. Then again I think all departments should learn everything they can about their business.

As a financial analyst, I'm constantly telling people my job is to make sure that what's happening in the business is being reflected correctly on the financials. How can I do that without understanding pretty much every single aspect of the company? Or the industry in general, for that matter?

Michael Wade said...


I believe you are right on target. One of my business partners, when he worked in HR, used to go out to the stores just to do paperwork in the back room, meet people, and listen to what problems they were encountering. It was one of the ways he learned the business.