Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Book Lover

My name is Michael and I am addicted to books.

If a week goes by without a visit to a bookstore I begin to have withdrawal pains. I used to think it a point of pride if I could go to a bookstore without purchasing a book, but that was only a minor victory. Like other addicts, I always had a stash at home. A big stash.

Years ago, when people began to buzz about electronic books, I knew they'd never catch on with true book lovers. A real addict likes the feel of a book, its binding, and its smell. Reading a great book can be a sensual experience. The author transports you to another world and that trip starts the moment you see the title, pick up the volume, sense its weight, and note the quality of the paper.

Here are some of the common signs of book addiction:
  • Boarding an airplane without bringing a book is unthinkable...and you begin to rate airports on the quality of their bookstores.
  • You have made pilgrimages to noted bookstores, such as Foyles in London, and/or you know all of the used bookstores within a 12 miles radius of your home.
  • It is not unusual to buy a book and then not read it for ten years because until then the time was just not right.
  • You've been known to read books while waiting for traffic lights to change.
  • Discovering a great writer is cause for celebration, especially if the writer has already produced a sizable volume of work.
  • When you see people on television who are being interviewed and there is a bookshelf in the background, you find yourself more interested in which books are on the shelves than in the interview.


Mark said...

Hi I'm Mark and I'm a book addict.

Is there a support group for this? Alas, I have every single one of the symtoms.

I married a movie addict and we now have two children. A movie addict boy and a book addict girl.

I would add to the list:
You Google for bookstores at your destination BEFORE the trip since you know you can't get enough books for your trip on the plane.

and for some people:

A trip to the library is like Norm walking in to Cheers.


Throwing away a book, even one you don't like, feels like you've lost a friend.


Michael Wade said...

Hi Mark.

I love your additions. See you at the therapy session.

Eclecticity said...

Hi, I'm Doug and I'm a book addict.

Through various moves and putting my books in storage I've acquired multiple/duplicate copies of some books.

Show's (which I may not watch)from C-Span's Book TV fills my TIVO's hard drive just as books fill my bookshelves (which I may not read.)

We're as only as sick as our secret fellas. D.

Dan said...

Coung me in too. In fact, I often pick up a new book before I've finished the first one (or the first four...).

I guess I'm a chaing-reader, only I do it in parallel. If they were cigarettes, I'd have died eight years ago.

I hear they're developing a patch...

Michael Wade said...

Doug and Dan,

I'm guilty of all of those. I just found a leadership book today that I've bought twice!

Mark said...

Hi, I'm Mark (also), and I'm a book addict.

I have also:

deliberately taken public transport to afford more reading time (while crowing about my green credentials)

flipped a chapter under the glow of the commercials' screen at the movies before the main event

bought the same book (and read it) several times simply because it was an overseas edition/imprint

not gone to a movie because I haven't read the book yet

and I am physically incapable of throwing away or selling (as opposed to permanent loaners) a book

firmly believe that you can measure the civilisation level of any society by the presence and standard of their libraries

and no, I don't think I need help!

Michael Wade said...

Mark (also),

I loved your list and recalled how much I used to enjoy taking the bus because it gave me some more time to read. We are truly addicted.