Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Immigration and Trust

Former Delaware Governor Pete du Pont on what is needed in an immigration bill:

First, a fence.

A major fear of the proposed immigration bill's opponents is that the failure to do the obvious is an indication of an ulterior motive. If the fence isn't built first, they reason, it won't be built later.

The other side, in turn, believes that the emphasis on a fence is a ploy to avoid addressing the other issues. Build the fence, so the reasoning goes, and the rest of the changes will never occur.

This entire debate, as with many conflicts in the workplace, is fueled by a lack of trust. The opponents, however, have the edge in an important respect: There is a basic rule in crisis management. You stabilize the situation and then improve it. Seeking to improve it before it is stabilized is a recipe for chaos.

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