Friday, December 07, 2007

Knowledge Management Top 10

Good stuff: Amit Bhagria gives the top ten practices in knowledge management.


Anonymous said...

'AT&T employs a database system that can be described as a "sophisticated electronic Rolodex."'

I remember when I was at AT&T Wireless many years ago and this system was being rolled out to us. There was no explanation as to what it was for. It came across to every employee as one of those "tell us exactly what you do and what you know". The lack of a described purpose drove everyone into a panic. Good grief, why don't they just plainly state the objective.

Bloggers World said...

Matt I agree to you, infact its more important to implement the system rather than just planning or introducing it. The objectives as well as final outcome must be properly stated to the end users. Finally, one has to ensure whether there is a proper understanding of the product and descibed purpose. Thanks for the feedback.

Amit Bhagria