Friday, January 18, 2008

Career Killers?

Based on your own experience, which three of the following are most likely to jeopardize a career?

  1. Talking too little.

  2. Talking too much.

  3. Not socializing.

  4. Not keeping up with developments in the profession.

  5. Not keeping a confidence.

  6. Overpromising.

  7. Being abusive to subordinates.

  8. Having turf wars with peers.

  9. Having an office affair.

  10. Gossiping.

  11. Dressing inappropriately.

  12. Missing deadlines.

  13. Not having a degree.

  14. Exhibiting bigotry.

  15. Being indecisive.

  16. Being disloyal.

  17. Losing money.

  18. Failing to advertise successes.

  19. Using sarcasm.

  20. Being overweight.

  21. Refusing assignments.


The Engineer said...

1) Not keeping a confidence.

2) Having turf wars with peers.

3) Missing deadlines.

I would place "Gossiping" as a tactic in number two. My next three are

4) Refusing assignments.

5) Being indecisive.

6) Using sarcasm.

Michael Wade said...

The Engineer,

Interesting list. I once worked in a place where turf wars were the major sin. Peace was favored over justice and the wise manager avoided open disputes. I also think people underestimate the impact of sarcasm.

Scott said...

1. Not having a point of view!
2. Being too corporate
3. Being a dementor!



Michael Wade said...

I thought that being a dementor was a requirement for some jobs!