Friday, January 18, 2008

Career Killers?

Based on your own experience, which three of the following are most likely to jeopardize a career?

  1. Talking too little.

  2. Talking too much.

  3. Not socializing.

  4. Not keeping up with developments in the profession.

  5. Not keeping a confidence.

  6. Overpromising.

  7. Being abusive to subordinates.

  8. Having turf wars with peers.

  9. Having an office affair.

  10. Gossiping.

  11. Dressing inappropriately.

  12. Missing deadlines.

  13. Not having a degree.

  14. Exhibiting bigotry.

  15. Being indecisive.

  16. Being disloyal.

  17. Losing money.

  18. Failing to advertise successes.

  19. Using sarcasm.

  20. Being overweight.

  21. Refusing assignments.


Anonymous said...

1) Not keeping a confidence.

2) Having turf wars with peers.

3) Missing deadlines.

I would place "Gossiping" as a tactic in number two. My next three are

4) Refusing assignments.

5) Being indecisive.

6) Using sarcasm.

Michael Wade said...

The Engineer,

Interesting list. I once worked in a place where turf wars were the major sin. Peace was favored over justice and the wise manager avoided open disputes. I also think people underestimate the impact of sarcasm.

Scott D. McArthur said...

1. Not having a point of view!
2. Being too corporate
3. Being a dementor!



Michael Wade said...

I thought that being a dementor was a requirement for some jobs!