Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Miscellaneous and Fast

HR World released its list of the top 25 HR Blogs of 2007.

Still Back by popular demand: Flea Market Montgomery. Makes me want to drive down South and buy a sofa.

Jim Fusilli looks at the soundtracks nominated for the Oscar.

WaiterRant encounters a haggler.

Tim Ferriss on personal branding in the digital age.


Hoots said...

Waiter Rant is great recreational reading for me. I wish I had more time. The comments are as much fun as the posts.
This particular rant reminds me of the Times Square Deli's story of a customer who wanted to know why rice pudding without raisins was priced the same as the product with raisins, claiming no raisins should make it cost less. The waiter explained that they had to pay someone extra to pick out the raisins.

Michael Wade said...


That's marvelous!

Smart waiter!