Monday, January 14, 2008

The Path to Weaseldom: A Checklist

Key steps on the way to becoming a full-fledged weasel:

  1. Lying, which usually will be cloaked as a fib or a fudge or simply not telling the whole truth.

  2. Evading responsibility.

  3. Taking credit for the work of others.

  4. Kissing up to superiors.

  5. Abusing subordinates.

  6. Faking expertise.

  7. Covering up blunders.

  8. Blaming subordinates or peers.

  9. Blaming superiors.

  10. Pretending that selfish actions are really driven by altruism.

  11. Adopting an attitude of entitlement.

  12. Pointing to the misconduct of others as justification for ethics violations.

  13. Dining out for years on the value and significance of one good deed.

  14. Letting glibness trump sincerity.

  15. Arguing that what was truly a choice was instead driven by necessity.

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