Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wristwatches and Geezers

Michael at 2Blowhards explores the "no wristwatch" trend among the young.


pawnking said...

Put my down in the "I don't have a watch" crowd. Happy to rid myself of what I used to call, "my little carpel-tunnel inducer." Yes, every watch I have ever worn caused severe pain after the hours and days of typing I have to perform on my job.

Now, I have a pocketwatch which allows me to make phone calls, too!

Jeff said...

My 23 year old son kept stealing my watch umtil I went out and bought him his own. Then last Saturday, we went to a local restaurant where my 20 year old daughter is a hostess. During the meal she sat down with us. I happened to look down at her wrist and noticed that she was wearing my dress watch - the one I had been looking for the past couple of months.
"Is that my watch?" I asked.
"Yeah," she said, "everyone says it looks great!"
Hmmmph - they don't wear watches...humbug!