Thursday, January 24, 2008

Women, Wardrobe, and Power

The Wall Street Journal's Christina Binkley is back with a review of the clothing tips and strategies of powerful women. An excerpt:

High-ranking women on Wall Street in particular are a thinly traded commodity, and they quickly learn to keep their fashion issues in the closet. In fact, most don't like the word "fashion."

Instead, many women focus on practicality. Michaela Jedinak, a London-based media and entertainment lawyer who advises executives on communications and style, says women need "hard-wearing" clothing that won't look sloppy and wrinkled by late afternoon. Don't wear make-up that has to be reapplied, she suggests, because it will make you too "self-conscious."

The attention brought to clothing is a two-edged sword for authoritative women everywhere. A style misstep can be career-limiting. Yet paying too much attention to one's appearance risks accusations of frivolity -- which is equally career-limiting.


Anonymous said...

I don't doubt that some similar rules apply for men - I'm not a fan of the very casual dress going around my industry these days (graphic arts)although we've always given a lot of room to the "creative types".
I remember years ago working as a manager at an ad agency. I had bought a Rolex knock off from a street vendor and was in the general manager's office talking to him with my arm resting on file cabinet. Suddenly I felt a powerful hand wrap itself around my forearm and lift it up. It was the CEO of the agency who was looking at the watch. He looked me straight in the eye as if to say "Am I paying you too much?"
I managed to squeak out that it was a knock off - and he put my arm down, patted me on the back and moved on.
So much for being a poseur! :)

Michael Wade said...

That is funny! It could be a good ad for Timex.