Thursday, January 31, 2008

Miscellaneous and Fast

A 2,500 year-old tomb has been excavated in eastern China.

Andrew Klavan looks at Hollywood's war films.

A radio station employee sets fire to the station after they change his playlist.

National Journal has announced the most liberal senator of 2007. [HT: RealClearPolitics ]

Ryanair's latest ad has sparked controversy, which is probably exactly what the company wanted. [HT: Adrants ]

Opposing opinions on changes to civil rights law.

Cool Tools looks at the Scooba Floor Scrubber...and likes it.

A profile of Julie Christie.


Jeff said...

Oh, Michael - I love you and your blog but when you start pushing to the right...

Obama as the most "liberal" senator? Are we taking the "L" word out of our pockets now? I guess it's to be expected - the name calling should start flowing fast and hard after Super Tuesday if it hasn't started already. And Obama will be called some choice ones.

And should I worry about the most liberal Senator? Considering what the Republicans have done to this country domestically, economically, and internationally, I think a change in philosophy and direction is sorely needed.

Michael Wade said...


Bear with me. I promise that as soon as I can locate the National Journal's listing of the most conservative senator, I'll post it.

And if they come up with a "most moderate" ranking, that'll go up too!