Saturday, February 09, 2008

Nardelli's Way

Will CEO Bob Nardelli's bold moves save Chrysler and even transform the automobile industry? An excerpt:

Doubtless there will be pain. But it is better to have a few healthy survivors than an army of walking wounded. It is noteworthy that the head of nation's largest auto dealer, Mike Jackson of AutoNation, instead of bashing Nardelli, praised his moves as "brilliant, powerful, and controversial." Added Jackson: "With the market at a bottom, now is the time to shrink the product lineup and dealer network." Chrysler stores have been among the worst performing in the industry but Jackson says the new streamlined structure will make the company more efficient and competitive.


Eclecticity said...

He's got something to prove after failing to lead Home Depot anywhere. Love the pix of Mr. N.!

Big job at Chrysler to be certain, but that $210M parachute from HD could allow someone to be bolder than most.

Michael Wade said...


It is much easier to be bold while wearing such a parachute.