Monday, July 28, 2008

The Fame Game

Dab your eyes and think of England. A noted British public relations man ponders his career and its by-products. An excerpt from The Telegraph article:

In a health food café on London's Farringdon Road, he is in a confessional mood over his role in our celebrity culture. "We are creating a generation of future morons and I think I have a certain responsibility for that, which I'm not proud of."

He has detected a shift in values from "genuine talent to frivolous talent" which is "dangerous" for society, he says, citing the example of Abi Titmuss, former girlfriend of fallen TV presenter John Leslie. "She becomes famous overnight. She has good people around her, publicists and managers, and they manipulate that fame. After getting her clothes off in lads' mags and being a party animal, she gives up her job as a nurse. What does that say to people who want to join the caring professions?"

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