Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jerry Brown: Bashing the Burbs

In the meantime, Mr. Brown is taking aim at the suburbs, concerned about the alleged environmental damage they cause. He sees suburban houses as inefficient users of energy. He sees suburban commuters clogging the roads as wasting precious fossil fuel. And, mostly, he sees wisdom in an intricately thought-out plan to compel residents to move to city centers or, at least, to high-density developments clustered near mass transit lines.

Read the rest of Joel Kotkin's essay in The Wall Street Journal.


Eclecticity said...

"Governor Moonbeam" is alive and well and still living in CA. He's sort of like a bad penny.

Ardently ardently liberal. Always.

Thanks for the update. This should keep him busy for awhile.

Michael Wade said...

I like Jerry Brown. Although we have very different views on many issues, he is not afraid to come up with new perspectives, wrong though they may be. That takes him out of the track of the programmed politicians. Of course, that virtue only goes so far. There can be a fine line between genius and crank.