Monday, July 28, 2008

A Selection Debate

The discussion eventually went to the core question of what should be the backgrounds of the team members for a very important community project.

Jack said that only the highest ranking and highest paid executives should be recruited because their pay and status are indicative of their ability.

Larry said that is ridiculous, noted his experiences with many a highly paid dolt, and said that pay level isn't inherently indicative of experience.

Mary added that an economic test would exclude a cross-section of the community and could wind up providing only one perspective.

Jack answered that he has no problem if others want to participate as volunteers but that the key leaders should have high-level executive experience.

Larry countered by citing examples of police sergeants and teachers who'd done very well in similar projects.

Jack acknowledged that one of his ulterior motives was to tap into the personal and professional resources that high ranking and wealthy folks would bring to the table.

Mary said it sounded as if they were talking about two different teams for two different needs.

They were.

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