Saturday, July 26, 2008

Stop Sign Video

Absolutely on target: See this video about the design of the stop sign.

Should be mandatory viewing for all committees.

[HT: Seth Godin ]


Anonymous said...

I work in packaging design and sometimes have sat in on creative meetings at various agencies. One project was a simple box - a top, a bottom, and an insert inside that holds a book. Simple. It was the wheel - didn't have to be reinvented. Except at this meeting there were 10 attendees including account services, design, and production. Everyone had an opinion and by the time the meeting was over, the project was on hold for further review. Several days later I was speaking with the buyer and asked if all their meetings were like that. She said yes - they were big belivers in "collaboration".
Decision by committee - the death of us all!

Eclecticity said...

This is just too good. Thanks for sharing Michael! I have a story from my place that is happening right now and this has been good for me. E.

"A Thousand Points of Consensus."

Michael Wade said...


Love the story about the box! You have my sympathy.


Collegial management has been sooo oversold. It is a rare workplace that doesn't have this.

Anonymous said...

The video was taken down. Does anyone know why or if it's posted somewhere else?


Anonymous said...

Looks like the original video was reposted on YouYube in HD. Looks great. Check it out: