Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Bank with a Future

Jack Paar once quipped that the caliber of entertainment has fallen so much that one day we'll go to a theater to watch a man rake leaves.

Ed Driscoll has a video of a bank commercial that might well be in our future.


DarkoV said...

When this came out on Saturday Night Live 5-6 (8-10?) years ago, as a faux commercial, I truly believed the bank in question was real, cashing in on a service at least one of our local banks had deigned to be beneath their function as a bank.
What a disappointment it was to find out that the change niche they were going after was as imaginary as the good idea back in the Clinton era to allow banks to specialize in speculation.
Maybe this $700 Billion crisis will bring "change" back to the banks.

Michael Wade said...

It's a slick piece. I guess we won't be abolishing the penny after all.