Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Real Box Office

John Podhoretz notes that box office winners are not always what they appear. An excerpt:

Mamma Mia! has earned $140 million in the United States, and will probably finish its run in the theaters with an overall gross of $160-$175 million. Even more impressive, its worldwide gross is $300 million. So, by the time it hits DVD, it will have made somewhere around $550 million, or 10 times its production cost of $52 million. By contrast, The Dark Knight will earn $1 billion worldwide, dwarfing Mamma Mia! Except that The Dark Knight cost just shy of $200 million, which means that it will have earned five times its production cost. Strictly as a matter of return on investment, Mamma Mia! will prove to be one of the most profitable movies ever made.


DarkoV said...

..still rather have the $800M Bat Dollars earned than the $498M Mama Moolah net revenue. The exaggerating power of percentages sometimes leaves you walking away with less.

Michael Wade said...


The Bat Dollar Style Factor must also be considered.