Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is the sort of blunder that can happen to any candidate, but I have a feeling it would have received a tad more press attention if Sarah Palin had made it.


Anonymous said...

In all the years I lived in Arizona, and despite many trips on I-8 through Yuma since I've lived in California, I never visited the Yuma Territorial Prison...until last October, when I spent a few days in Yuma while escaping the brush fires in San Diego. I must admit that my visit was prompted by sheer boredom, having forgotten to pack my golf clubs when escaping the oncoming flames.

Actually, I enjoyed the tour of what little there is left of the prison. The museum was the most interesting aspect, and the short black and white documentary film was interesting as well. Good thing the State of Arizona took action to preserve the site, otherwise it might be a Motel 6 or RV resort by now.

I enjoyed the article which claimed "the prison was humanely administered, and was a model institution for its time." I'm certain it was the epitome of 19th Century rehabilitation. I didn't realize that the local townspeople plundered the prison for building materials. It's appropriate that today there's a new Home Depot located nearby.

I'd recommend a stop there for anyone who's interested in the history of penal instituions.

Michael Wade said...

The prison is definitely worth a visit. I've been there several times and especially enjoy the view of the Colorado River from the guard tower. It's rather peaceful.

Eclecticity said...

Biden = Blowhard. E.