Friday, September 26, 2008

Spam Merchants

Lately, I've been battling spammers in the comments section. Since I post frequently, the issue of space is always critical and getting masses of spam comments creates space problems. It is also unfair to readers who wish to post real comments.

I just want you to know that corrective actions are being taken. The entire comments spam biz baffles me. Who would possibly want to click on one of those links?


Ted Goff said...

I've had the same problem with logs generated by my online catalog scripts -- where it is of no value to anyone to have their link listed.

My guess is that the spam is caused by bots that search the web for empty fields and submit buttons, adding links to their own or client sites in an effort to drive up the ranking of those sites on Google.

There are plenty of abandoned blogs that no one ever checks on, and they may be adding spam links successfully on those. Again, I'm only guessing, but it appears that this may be a tactic used by disreputable folks who offer search optimization services.

Michael Wade said...


I think you're right. What's weird is how they can get past the "type in the code" requirement, but that may simply show how technically unsavvy I am.