Friday, September 12, 2008

Lincoln's Doctor's Dog

Reasoning from the knowledge that books on the American Civil War, doctors, and dogs usually sell well, Bennett Cerf once noted that a guaranteed best-seller would be titled "Lincoln's Doctor's Dog."

Ruling out the pornographic, I wonder what the right blog post title would be to attract massive numbers of hits. One possible contender:

"Indian Bride Cures Cancer in China"


DarkoV said...

Someone thought of that a while back. An Englishman by the name of Alan Coren wrote a book titled Golfing for Cats (please notice the flag flying on the course in the background).
Coren named this book as such and encouraged the Swastika on the golf flag based on his research that the top-selling books at that time concerned, yep, golf, cats, and Nazis. He wrote this book specifically to cash in, as he noted his more erudite books hardly paid for rent.

It's not that bad of a book. He couldn't but to write some humorous bits.

Michael Wade said...


Golfing for Cats? I will definitely check it out.