Saturday, May 02, 2009

Pontiac's Rise and Fall

Ralph Kinney Bennett on the passing of Pontiac. An excerpt:

Pontiac had started in 1926 as a “companion car,” a lower-priced model of a GM car called the Oakland. The now-forgotten Oakland had been a GM mainstay—one of the three original makes (with Oldsmobile and Buick) brought under the GM umbrella when the corporation first organized in 1908. Both Olds and Buick had also introduced companion cars, the Olds Viking and the Buick Marquette, neither of which did particularly well.


Anonymous said...

It’s really a shame that Pontiac is being cut. Alot of great cars came out of the brand. Pontiac is an icon in the automotive world. Yes, some might not like the newer cars but no reason to send Pontiac to the grave. Seriously - look at some of these cars and say that Pontiac isn't something worth keeping.

That's what I thought!

Cookymonztr said...

My Dad was really ticked off about Obama ending pontiac. He has his own pontiac grand prix and he loved pontiac cars.