Monday, June 08, 2009

Choosing to Ignore

Consciously choosing to ignore certain behavior is an important element in management success.

You can't fix it all. Some problems would demand too much time. In some cases, the solution would create even worse problems. There are times when the problem, as bad as it is, is the solution to much larger problems.

As a wise manager once put it, "This is not an ordered world."

The inability to address all problems, however, is not understood by many employees. These critics may be frustrated and demoralized by management's willingness to let matters drift. They usually do not know the reasons for the inaction. Rather than trying to guess what rational beliefs could cause the behavior, they ascribe weakness, incompetence, corruption or favoritism as the reason.

If a group is behaving strangely, first assume competence and exhaust the rational and more benign reasons before concluding the conduct is governed by something negative.


Unknown said...

Right on! I wish some of my employees would check out Execupundit. Some hills are not worth dying on, but most employees don't have that level of perspective. It's unfortunate when they view it as playing favorites because we all know where that can lead.

sweetperceptions said...

Truly! It takes good management skills to recognize that this is the real right way to go. :)