Thursday, June 25, 2009

Quote of the Day

Management excellence cannot come from fragmented contributions by various functional staffs; that is, if quality assurance has exclusive jurisdiction over a quality program, if production control has an inventory program, and so on. Each staff seeks to impose another set of techniques, each set demanding adjustments and attention from an already choked line organization. Only so much can be assimilated at a time, and it should be cohesive....Japanese are good integrators....Americans are accustomed to thinking that integration of a company is only in one place - at the top, where strategy is made.

- Robert Hall, Attaining Manufacturing Excellence


DarkoV said...

Just curious. What prompted you to go back to this 1986 book to mine this fine quote? Do you wander (as I do) through your bookshelves until a long-forgotten title piques your curiosity again?

Jus' wonderin'

Michael Wade said...


You're right on target. I wander about, searching for quotes. Old and somewhat obscure books are great sources.