Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Positive Negatives

Just as many of our virtues cloak our vices, it may be that behavior we routinely shun as negative is beneficial.

What we regard as plodding may be the proper level of focus. "Rashness" may break the paralysis of perfectionism. Schmoozing may provide the right amount of sales contacts.

Our internal list of positive and negative behaviors could well be a Rosetta Stone with which we can sort out the path to achievement.

Translating it could show us where we have created our own barriers and where our attention could be put to better use. We may, in time, be able to create a more accurate distinction between what is harmful and what is beneficial.

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sweetperceptions said...

I believe you're right about positive attitudes that could actually cloak vices. I'm starting to think.. even being a perfectionist could bring about impatience or irritability on various things. Interesting, very interesting idea.