Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Roots of the Health Care Crisis: Friedman's Analysis

Peter Robinson examines the views of Milton Friedman on the issue of health care. An excerpt:

Friedman wrote: "Third-party payment has required the bureaucratization of medical care. ... A medical transaction is not simply between a caregiver and a patient; it has to be approved as 'covered' by a bureaucrat. ... The patient has little ... incentive to be concerned about the cost since it's somebody else's money. The caregiver has become, in effect, an employee of the insurance company or, in the case of Medicare and Medicaid, of the government. ... An inescapable result is that the interest of the patient is often in direct conflict with the interest of the caregiver's ultimate employer."

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Eclecticity said...

Nice little summary of this issue. Thanks. E.