Saturday, June 13, 2009

Taking on Too Much: 7 Causes

I've written earlier about the dangers of assuming the job of Master of the Universe.

What produces this mistake?
  1. Assuming that you have to do everything yourself. A classic blunder. You miss the chance to reduce your workload while benefiting from the expertise of others. The quality of your work also declines.
  2. Assuming that you can do everything yourself. You can't. Stop pretending.
  3. Striving for martyrdom. Not a pleasant fate when the stakes are so small. And it can be very irritating.
  4. Caring more than is healthy. Caring too much can cause you to lose power to those who care less. It can also produce an ultra-sensitivity that may result in a distorted view of reality.
  5. Craving power. If you really want power, taking on more than you can handle is not the way to achieve it; indeed, you will diminish your influence.
  6. Getting trapped in a cycle. You take on too much, things became worse, and to fix things you take on even more. Very bad move.
  7. Not trusting others. Unless warning signs are flashing, assuming that others are trustworthy until there is evidence to the contrary is the best practice. Consider the message that your lack of trust can send and the negative reaction it sparks. What you expect is often what you get.

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