Monday, June 15, 2009

Thinking on the Run

In ideal circumstances, we can sip coffee and slowly peruse options and ideas while sitting in a garden. I like that. It's civilized.

Unfortunately, many of our decisions are made on the run. The information is incomplete, facts have question marks attached, deadlines are nipping, and as soon as we finish with one project there are six others begging for attention.

This is not always bad. We can learn a great deal by plunging into a subject and many of us work better from drafts than from collections of facts. And so we go through draft after draft - a sort of faux action - until we can get to the point that most closely resembles the chair in the garden.

That stage is where we must be especially cautious. Rather than letting fatigue and impatience push us into a quick decision, we need to listen to any lingering concerns and, if possible, resolve them one-by-one. If something doesn't feel right at this stage, the feeling won't improve later.

When you are closest to the conclusion, slow down and take time to think.

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