Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Age Discrimination: "Just looking for something to do"

The resume made its way around the company, and ended up in the inbox of the company CEO. The CEO, apparently thinking that he was responding to his own HR staff, actually sent an email to the plaintiff which stated, in part: "Damn. I'm here late trying to get through emails -- I just saw this one I missed somehow and it is a week old. Check it out -- I don't know what I think. He must be old -- and just looking for something to do."

Read the rest at Suits in the Workplace.

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Rob said...

humm is 46 too old? whats too young? As well as my real job and for many years, I have taught people, quite esoteric technical stuff, of all ages, but it's very industry specific, in a 99% male dominated industry. The thing is I get to see their performance and skills, I've noticed that age, sex, ethnic background, has nothing to do with peoples performance, everybody is different, I know I get to mark their papers. The individual is more important than the category that they fit in. Some of the key factors I see for performance are motivation, interest, intelligence and commitment. It's a bit harder to categorize these qualities, as just because you have one doesn't mean you have the others. 'bean counters' like things in little boxes, problem is the best and worst bits of people don't fit into little boxes. As I often say if you put bean counters in charge all they will want to do is count beans.