Thursday, September 10, 2009

Networks Critique

Gene Marks is baffled by a number of things in modern life:

For starters, netbooks are just too small. The most popular brands have keyboards that are at least 10% smaller than laptop keyboards, which aren't so big to begin with. Screen sizes of the most common devices are usually around 10 inches, too. This is a problem for Bob's company. It's one thing for road warriors to fumble with a BlackBerry between meetings and while waiting for planes. But getting a bunch of aging sales guys with thick fingers and failing eyesight to squint for hours on end into a tiny screen while tapping on a keyboard made for a kid simply "ain't gonna happen," Bob says.

My admittedly non-techie question: Does he miss the main virtue of netbooks?


Anonymous said...

One day around 2:00 pm or so I looked into the tiny screen of my laptop - my only computer - and my tired eyes couldn't make out more than the fact that the last email message was from my boss. Everything I do involves that laptop. What does an IS employee do when he can't read his laptop? Sit there for three hours? Call in on sick leave? I now tote the biggest, heaviest laptop around and work 12 hour days when I need to. Tiny, light, and portable isn't so great when it's as useless as a rock.

Rob said...

I think he's on the wrong train. There is lots of choice.......find one that suits your needs.....from the Panasonic Toughbook 30 very cool but not for everybody to the Pink Netbooks
There is something for everybody

Tony said...

Ok i'll be the first to mention the elephant in the room. What about an ipad? Portable, powerful and full of cool features. Alternatively a pink laptop like the Dell Inspiron 11z could be a great option!