Thursday, November 12, 2009


Any article that starts with an Avanti Studebaker has my attention:

Tucker Viemeister on where beauty meets utility. An excerpt:

Beauty has different meanings in different cultures and eras--but everybody has some idea of beauty (even the Hell's Angels). Although humans can't agree on specific examples, we do all share a general formula for beauty: It has a very pleasing physical sensual element combined with mental enlightenment. "Aaaahs" and "Ah-has." It's the combination. There is an intellectual component to a beautiful person and an emotional component to a beautiful mathematical proof. The experience of beauty is the result of the convergence of body, mind, and soul. Form and function melt together. Art and science dance.


Jeff said...

I haven't thought about the Avanti in years! I was in love with that car!

The early Plymouth Barracuda fastback and the early Buick Riviera were also on my pre-teen car list. Probably for the same aesthetic reasons if you look at photos of those years.

Those were the style years - now all cars look like jellybeans...from the same jellybean manufacturer... :)

Michael Wade said...


The Avanti had true style. It is still a head-turner.

Jeff said...

One other I forgot - the Oldsmobile Toronado...

- J.

Michael Wade said...


You have good taste in cars. The Toronado was one mean-looking vehicle. I'm having flashbacks of cars I wanted and could not afford.

You're right. So many of the cars nowadays are look alikes. No personality. I imagine that even their designers are bored with them.