Monday, February 08, 2010

17 Guidelines: When Briefing the New Boss

  1. Leave all humor at the door.
  2. Make sure your appearance is thoroughly professional.
  3. Don't badmouth the old boss.
  4. Don't criticize other managers or employees.
  5. Avoid any semblance of pandering.
  6. If you don't know something, admit it.
  7. Don't understate the impact of past mistakes.
  8. Make no assumptions regarding the boss's management proclivities.
  9. Be able to discuss and recommend alternatives to current policies.
  10. Know your subject area inside-out.
  11. Don't overwhelm the boss with details, but have them at hand.
  12. Be respectful of time.
  13. Expect interruptions.
  14. Know all areas of risk and all available resources.
  15. Don't brag.
  16. Know three things you'd like changed and three things you want to remain the same - just in case you are asked.
  17. Be prepared to note what is done well and what can be improved.

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