Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I Like People Who've Been Knocked to the Floor

I like people who've been knocked to the floor but got up, who know what it's like to do something that deserves a medal but instead gets a reprimand, who crack a small smile when listening to the latest program from on high, and who know more about - and care more about - the job than any five of the wizards promoted last year. I like the mavericks and eccentrics and the weirdos whose eyes light up when talking about how they had to cobble together a solution at the last minute or how they noodled over a problem for years before finding a new way. I like their passion and their lack of pretense and that they think you're interested about some arcane aspect of the job only a person who loves the job might find fascinating. I like their refusal to become cookie-cutter personalities and to "dress for success." I like the fact that they like facts and, although they can theorize as well as any of us, they know the difference between theory and reality. I like their bluntness and their way of looking you in the eye and that they have scars, many scars, some of which may be visible, from battles won and lost.


Anonymous said...

Well put Michael, having been knocked down myself several times, it is always a joy to get back up and be brilliant as I am dusting off my pants and moving forward. As Nicholas Bate states "Today is a great day to be brilliant. Go For It. Today".

Michael Wade said...


Thank you. I've learned far more from the losses than from the victories. It is, of course, a painful process.