Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Quick Thought

Whether you call yourself a member of Human Resources, Personnel, or Talent Management, the minute you start thinking of an individual as an "employee" or an "applicant" rather than a person, you begin moving in a dangerous direction.


Eclecticity said...

To call it "dangerous" is quite profound and strong Michael. I appreciate your succinct way of putting this. Thanks, Doug

Tanmay Vora said...

Quite a profound thought Michael - I see the 'human' element of 'human resources' quickly fading out. When in human resources, it is sometimes easy to cross that fine line between being 'human' and being 'inhuman'.

Respect and compassion may be considered 'soft' words at workplaces, but it is often the 'hardest' thing to practice.


Michael Wade said...

Doug and Tanmay,

Thanks for your comments. I think that human resources professionals will be true to their calling when they embody the caring aspects of the job far more than they do the enforcement ones.