Saturday, May 29, 2010

Crafting a Successful Weekend

Talk show host Dennis Prager once devoted an hour to discussing how people regard the weekend. Many people, it seems, are stressed out by weekends due to the lack of structure and the need to fill the hours; a problem, let it be noted, I've never faced.

In my case, Sunday afternoons are often overcast with regret that the weekend is about to end and more was not accomplished. My favorite time is late Friday afternoon when the weekend is anticipated, hope is fresh, and self-reproach is absent.

The perspective can be greatly shaped depending on whether we regard the weekend as a time to recuperate or a time to achieve. Those of us who fall into the latter inclination may be courting disappointment if we try to do both and succeed at neither. It is better to do one or the other.

If we are going to rest or goof off, let us do it intentionally, boldly, and with style.


Cultural Offering said...

I choose to goof off with style.

Michael Wade said...

That's the spirit!