Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Goals: Cool or Crazy?

To Have More Time. It isn't going to happen and the more you chase it, the less it is going to happen. You live a wonderful life: great family, cool job, amazing opportunities. That's why you have no time. Make choices, make better choices. That's what you have power over. Any time, any place, anywhere: you can make a choice. You have no control over time. So let it go. Make the choice and be in the moment. Fully.

Read the rest of Nicholas Bate on 7 apparently cool, but perhaps they are crazy, goals.


Cultural Offering said...

And your choice of photos was Brilliant to use a Bate phrase.

Michael Wade said...

I am a river to my people!


Anonymous said...

michael wade sir

nice "lawrence of arabia" quote from aouda aboudii

Michael Wade said...

It is a great line and I use it often because it is true.