Friday, May 21, 2010

Name That Blogger!

Some bloggers have catchy bylines. Which bloggers have these? [The answers given below. The links are in my blogroll.]

  1. "Crusty conservative coating, creamy hippie love chick center."

  2. "The inhabitants have a right to take their amusements in a lawful way."

  3. "Business of Life + Life of Business."

  4. "Frequently Wrong. Never in Doubt."

  5. "The Strategy of Bingo. The Excitement of Chess."

  6. "I wear the required uniform."

  7. "You type, and I tell you why 4,500 years of written history shows you're wrong."

  8. "You have to push as hard as the age that pushes against you."

  9. "Just Some More Disposable Thoughts Clogging Up The Hinterlands."

  10. ". . . musings, misgivings, and general apprehension."

  11. "No thumbs. No stars. Just reviews you can trust."

  12. "Experiments in Lifestyle Design."

[Answers: 1. Althouse; 2. Cultural Offering; 3. Nicholas Bate; 4. What Would Dad Say; 5. Tom McMahon; 6. Sensory Dispensary; 7. Cranky Professor; 8. Idea Anaconda; 9. Verging on Pertinence; 10. View From the Ledge; 11. What Would Toto Watch?; 12. Tim Ferriss.]

1 comment:

DarkoV said...

I've been laid up so it took me a spell to act civil-like and thank you for your kind inclusion on the list.
I will continue to strive and clog...perhaps BP could substitute their mud with my words to cure the oil leakage problems.