Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Most Enjoyable Moment

Have you ever considered which stage of your work is most enjoyable?

I don't mean something general such as "Meeting people." That one could be dissected into:

  1. Meeting new clients.

  2. Visiting with old clients.

  3. Meeting prospects.

  4. Exchanging ideas with peers.

  5. And so on.

I bet most people have not identified the one task that gives them the greatest pleasure. We can probably name the part we dislike the most more readily than we can cite our favorite.

Assuming that is the case, what is the impact of that inability? Is it possible that we are rushing through our best moments?


Erik Walsh said...

In my opinion, the most enjoyable aspect of business is when you have the opportunity to exchange ideas and plans with peers. This is a good way, not only to show what you have achieved and to make contacts but also to learn from others at the same time. This, I consider to be very valuable and fruitful

Michael Wade said...


I have not identified my most enjoyable moment yet but that is one of the serious contenders.