Monday, September 13, 2010


I suspect that if the truth were known...
  1. Many tombstones would read, "I Wish I'd Spent More Time at the Office."
  2. A large number of attorneys think their clients are out of their minds.
  3. There are many congregations in which the members possess a stronger faith than the minister.
  4. The average Beltway journalist would support the creation of an American House of Lords, provided they -and others who believe as they do - would be members.
  5. One of the key abilities of a college graduate is to be able to go through four years of indoctrination and be an independent thinker.
  6. Human Resources departments would be transformed if the organization's entire leadership team had to reapply for their jobs every four years.
  7. The massive amounts of information that swirl about us do not mean that we are better informed, but instead become the means through which we can pretend to be better informed.

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