Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hunkered Down

I work in a building that used to have an architectural firm on the entire top floor while the offices of accountants, insurance brokers, staffing firms, and consultants took up the ground floor.

The architects and the accountants have left. The architects probably opted for cheaper digs since their new location requires running to your car if you work late. The accountants were definitely looking at reducing costs. One relocated to a condo. That's a shame. We enjoyed watching him commute to work on a Segway.

What's struck me is how many of the remaining firms are mystery businesses; performers of some niche specialty. They've hunkered down. Some are moving to smaller offices in the building. It's like musical chairs.

The landlord is reducing rent and yet right next door a store that sells expensive cupcakes has just opened. Business seems to be brisk.

Another niche.

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