Monday, December 13, 2010

Weimar Istanbul?

My Man on the Street in Istanbul tells me that my blog is blocked there.

Go figure.

Anyway, who doesn't find a comparison of Turkey with the Weimar Republic to be of interest, especially on a Monday morning?

Writing in City Journal, Claire Berlinski examines the subject. An excerpt: Could there be such excitement without danger? I doubt it. Never was the Weimar Republic viewed as legitimate by its enemies, and never has the secular state been viewed as legitimate by its enemies here. Both societies have been destabilized in turn by leftist subversion, right-wing militias, assassinations, endless coup plots, the savage repression of protests and strikes. The Nazis evoked nostalgia for a social and moral past that they proposed to restore, and so does Turkey’s AKP government. Just look at the map of the Ottoman Empire, say its diplomats. Turkey is returning to its rightful place.


Eclecticity said...

Mine too, I've been told. Does that make him E.'s man on the street in Istanbul also? E.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is blocked were I work in Boise though other business blogs are not. I'm mystified as to what they think it is.

Michael Wade said...


He works for both of us.


That's strange. I don't know what to say. This is a pretty mellow blog.