Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Office as Theme Park

What if an office resembled a theme park that produced different experiences? A Middle Ages theme park might include:

Marketplace is an open area where people can get a cup of coffee, sit and chat, or watch a group brainstorming a project in the corner. It is bustling, fun, and chaotic.

Monastery is a wing of silence containing small offices. Each holds only one person. Tucked away, people can complete projects without fear of interruption. Phones are not allowed. If communication must be made, it is done via note. Hallways and rooms are designed so noise is softened.

Jousting Arena is where competing ideas are tested before a panel of judges. Spectators are free to toss in challenges or alternatives. The ability to overcome all barriers is rewarded.

The Tower is devoted solely to considering what will happen seven years or more down the road. Its lofty view is accompanied with studies and data. The products are taken to the Jousting Arena or the Marketplace.



Dan in Philly said...

As an accountant, I could design the servants' quarters and haunts. Quiet and invisible when they are at their best, only seen when needed, almost always taken for granted but everyday life is utterly impossible if they are absent for even a day.

Maybe not the most exciting part of the theme park to spectators, I admit.

Michael Wade said...


That sounds like the hidden part of Disneyland.


Bob said...

Dungeon: Where people go when they leave, never seen or heard from again. HR guard the entrance to the dungeon, nobody really knows what's down there.
Great Hall: Where the board sits, around a table, huge great ornate room used once a month.
Guard House: Security where you go to eat doughnuts and gossip, and wait to escort somebody to HR.

Stacey said...

In which the area of the office were utilize for this four major functions . It would be great savings.